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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sexy Tea Names

People say you can't get everything you want in a tea. But that's not true. If the definition of Qi is the spiritual energy running through everything in the universe, then tea can be She, He and It.


Black buds. White Tuos. Gushu, Round Beeng. Mu Cha Raw. Dragon Pearls. Oriental Beauty. Flowering Jasmine. Peach of Immortality. Yin Cang Yu Er Ripe.


Long Jing. Big Blue Mark. Sheng Balls. Bangdong Black. Man Tang Shou. Wiry. Bamboo Log. Big Red Robe. Mo Li Long Zhu. Wild Arbor King. Purple Dehong. Fuding Bai Mu Dan. Man Nuo. Dong Ding.


Twisted leaf. Tie Guan Yin. Bug Shit. Duck Shit. Golden Monkey. Golden Horse. Monkey Picked. Thick veins. Hairy Crab.

Everyone Lao Yu.


  1. He he ! I love the self portrait !!! ( I assume ?! ) You never fail to brighten my day !

  2. What do you get when the Long Jing Bangdongs the Oriental Beauty?
    A Hairy Crab.
    Now I understand the meaning of "tea ceremony".

    1. That's hilarious, I must remember that one. 😂