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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Best New Tea Books of 2016

576 pp. Complete with 494 page chapter on Drake! The classical section is a bit sparse at 3 pages, but what's there is good. It's the only chapter I read. Outhouse country completely omitted. But maybe some will enjoy the book anyway.

Yet another dissertation, this one by U of Ole Miss, so that makes it something of an update. Chapters on changing nappies 'neath the wild arbor, My favorite chapter: "Daddy Dreams of Concrete."

We need to know the pubic hair in the cake has meaning, and this book gives it a full treatment.

Pamphlet. Off-repeated advice about joining tea forums for tea swaps, proven and usable stories on financial hardship to obtain free tea samples. Might be useful for newbies. But my advice is, if you can't afford to hoard, get out of the hobby.

196 pages. Classic whodunit. I guess they couldn't find 4 more pages of the story to break an even 200. Help Shale follow the clues to who battered her tea break buddy. You guessed it: follow the wrappers. Notable though for the attempt to explain why coders in particular tend to take up tea.

More volumes in press
1064 pages. Finally we have a scholarly tome on every tea sale ever held by Yunnan Sourcing. You know how it is on tea forums, better get your facts straight. Dates, percent-off retail, full coverage of Black Fridays, what sold out and more!

Still a bit fuzzy in concept, but it's the book of the year.



  1. I should never ever read your blog while I'm drinking tea, I sprayed out my nose and my screen is covered in hongcha :P

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Soggy-for-a-reason.

    2. She has that effect when you read her article. Just step away from the hongcha....