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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Wisconsin Fermentation Fest Post #100

Wisconsin Fermentation Fest
This is Happy Post #100 for deathbytea, hard to believe I've yakked on this long already. And I have met some incredible people since I started this blog in August 2014, and together we have shared so much about aging and drinking Puerh Tea.

I am very excited to announce that I will be taking part in the Wisconsin Fermentation Fest: A Live Culture Convergence, coming up next month in Reedsburg, Wisconsin October 2-11, 2015. The festival is one part food and one part entertainment. As for the food:

"There's something brewing in the crocks, kettles and jugs...if it can be cultured or fermented, you'll sample it!"

Organizer and Sponsor for the Fermentation Fest

And then we have the "culture" as in arts. This is where Wisconsin Weirdness is on display with a self-guided 50 miles of rural road and farm art. And performances like "Clarinets in the Cows." That's right, pianos in the middle of a hayfield.

A Mennonite family enjoys the rural road art in 2014.
Some of the road art is done by local farmers, others by businesses or community groups or professional artists. Along the 50 mile rural route, you can find food stands and wine tastings amongst the art and performances.

Art from the 2014 Fest

My portion of the festival is a class on puerh tea called

"Aged Sheng: The Whiskey of Tea"
Sunday, October 4, 1-3 pm
Reedsburg, WI.
Cost: $25

The class will cover basics of puerh drinking and storage, specifically focusing on crock storage because my audience and the festival are focused on farm-style fermentation. During the class I will to do a full tea tasting of fresh, aged and post-fermented teas. Plan to leave somewhat tea drunk.

What's this? 2015 Samples from white2tea.com

I am really pleased to announce that teas I will serve, and take-home gift samples include teas provided by white2tea.com. Wisconsin is fortunate and proud that one of our own has one of the best online tea companies in the world.
Thanks so much, TwoDog!

If you are in the area, I hope you will consider attending the festival, you can find the entire schedule and map at fermentationfest.com

Crock-stored tea, coming up at the Fest and on the blog!

Unfortunately, my invite to speak is contingent on bringing the professor and leaving incontinent Old Cwyn at home. Don't worry, she is in charge of our Instagram, and you can find her over there.


  1. My fiance's parents have a summer home in Wisconsin...which makes me wonder if I can swing a way to go, because this sounds like a festival I would enjoy the heck out of!

  2. I am always in that area so I am going to try to visit, take some tea with me and meet you.