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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Excuses of a Tea Drunk

 It's not too early for one.

Dinner can wait.

I can let them cry a little longer.

You told me I should try and get healthy.

Mother is almost done.

I just need a pit stop.

Well the old man drinks beer anyway.

If I don't buy this beeng now it will be gone.

The truth is I can drink and drive.

Should be getting my tax refund soon.

I didn't order that.

Daddy needs his quiet time.

Officer I'm telling you the truth.

I promised I won't shop but I can still swap.

It's a swap. From a friend.

They can't cut off the heat in the winter.

The kids can have some too.

I really should do laundry.

Fine you check the mail, then.

Yah, I know but this tea lasts for days.

There are worse habits.

He left me for his own reasons.

I don't know how tea got in there.

If you wear socks the floor is not a problem.

You know not to touch Daddy's things.

It tastes good on salad.

Fine I won't open it.

It's spiritual, like Native Americans get tobacco.

We don't need so many dishes.

Could have pesticides but I rinse it first.

Tea, how thoughtful of you.

I'm just answering a t-mail.

white2tea's CNNP 1998 Liming
 The vendor sent it free I swear.

That's because each teapot has a different function.

Sorry. I am.

That dog food cost more than this tea.

At least it won't kill me.

The China Post will be closed for New Year.

Well your mom has Hummels but they just sit there and do nothing.

Two more should steep it out.

At our income the kids can get scholarships.

That tea helps me lose weight.

It's £3 a gram, that is.

Oh thanks, but I'll bring my own.

I'll be there in just a second.

Dinner's in the fridge you can heat it up.

Go on ahead I'll catch up.

It's not supposed to rain on Saturday.

Look I had a really bad day.

I'm working on drinking up samples.

This is why we have insurance.

Just think how much money we're saving.

Spring teas have to be pre-ordered.

That tea table is just for company.

I sent some to my sister.

The vendor said it wasn't a fake.

Tea does not run my life.

With a subscription the tea will arrive and I don't have to think about it.

I couldn't get good water there last time.

I'm just sniffing it.

You can blame the nuns.

My blood pressure is bad anyway.

I plan on finishing that.

For sure I will throw it out.

Some guys drive expensive cars.

You take the kids, I'll be in here for just a minute.

I thought I let that dog back in.

But the tea will get cold if it sits.

It's bamboo and it's there for a reason.

Tea won't make me fat.

I know you're not done but I have to wash dishes before tea.

Mum always said I was touched.

That teabag is not tea.

My tea was held up in customs.

The glaze is called Hagi. Yes, one of the kids made it.

I spend less on makeup than she does.

Unlike some I'm not on the phone all day.

That's just mold, I can brush it off for you.

It's guaranteed to make me horny.

I'll send it back if it doesn't.

If I buy now it will be worth a lot in 30 years.

We can always build special shelves.

I promise to vacuum tomorrow.

Normally I have caffeine at this time.

Just send me an email about it.

The 10% sale ends at midnight.

It sold out last time.

I do have other interests.

And you knew all this when you met me.


  1. "If I don't buy this beeng now it will be gone."

    So close to home....

    1. The word "beeng" can be replaced by "teapot" as well

  2. To the customs man...
    It's just tea, honest. I drink it, I don't smoke it.

    1. Yah I had a funny go round with the postmaster once, I should post that sometime.

  3. Customs worker: so, you pour water over this whole cake?
    Me: no, just a piece of it.
    Customs: uh-huh....ok, sign here.

    "I thought I finished that beeng, that's why I ordered this one"